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Опыт преподавания: c 2000 года, сертификат TESOL, владеет русским языком
Уровни преподавания: Начальный, Средний, Продвинутый
Страна: США

About me
After finishing high school in America I enrolled into college, after finishing college with a major in cross-cultural communication, I studied two years of biz administration at the university of Cincinnati Ohio. I have been living in Russia since with my wife and two children; I finished dentistry school in Russia also so I am a Doctor, teaching English is an enjoyable responsibility. I love teaching because it gives me the opportunity to give to others, and helps me leverage my overall skills in general English.
I have a personal library of materials and textbooks for English learning. I always keep my approach updated by attending English teacher seminars, and constantly adding more interesting materials for students based on their needs. I also like to exchange with my colleagues, different styles and approaches for helping students learn better.
A major advantage any student finds with me as a teacher is a clear way of explaining material to get the point across to the student as a native speaker.
I enjoy sports very much. I’m pretty athletic. I have played many sports over the years. I love to travel. I have been to many countries in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. I began my teaching career in Amman Jordan, teaching high school students English which launched the passion of teaching English within me.
I have many clients in Moscow that enjoy me as a teacher both adults and children; I have taught all ages and have helped many specialists make their jobs easier. I have also taught at both the 1st Moscow Gymnasium, and the International school to children from 3 years all the way up to eleventh graders so I have experience in school programs in Russia and different ages also starting with kindergarteners, I would describe myself as being a serious, reliable, punctual, well educated, knowledgeable teacher, with a hilarious sense of humor.

Свободное время для занятий только по утрам и днем.



2 700 руб/час
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